Cunning and Charismatic: ƝOAH’s “Mr Fox” Sweeps us away with a pop delight

Prepare to cha-cha slide to a cautionary tale with a side of sexy sax.

With his latest single, “Mr Fox,” Melbournian jazz-master ƝOAH delivers a fun and charismatic side to his music, delivering a stylish performance of musical expertise, and playful lyricism.

The high-energy track showcases ƝOAH’s impressive vocals and artistry, while incorporating a delightful mix of instrumentation that sets it apart from the pop music landscape.


From the opening notes, you’ll notice the unique blend of instruments that elevate “Mr Fox” to new heights. It’s refreshing to hear such a fun and unconventional mix in a pop song, showcasing ƝOAH’s willingness to experiment and push boundaries.

The unmistakable charm of the lyricism, delivered with his distinctive Australian accent, adds an extra layer of relatability that will have you blushing.

One of the highlights of “Mr Fox” is the clever and referential lyricism. The song delves into the irony of cunningness from women being intimidating to even a fox, cleverly playing with the metaphor of a fox as an attractive older man.

The lyrics subtly explore the dynamics of younger individuals courting older suitors for personal gain, painting a vivid picture of a dance where advances are meticulously planned and cleverly constructed to win affection and trust. It’s a playful and thought-provoking theme that adds depth to the song’s energetic atmosphere.

The Latin dance groove infused throughout “Mr Fox” adds an irresistible element to the track. The rhythmic beats and infectious melodies invite you to move and sway along with the music, perfectly complementing the lyrical themes.

This fusion of catchy pop and Latin influences are a display of ƝOAH’s versatility as an artist, and becomes an impressive testament to his ability to seamlessly blend different genres and create a sound that is uniquely his own.


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ƝOAH has crafted a sensational indie pop single with “Mr Fox,” solidifying his position within Melbourne’s vibrant music scene. The track’s engaging production and ƝOAH’s distinctive vocals make it a standout addition to his already impressive discography.

Following the success of his debut EP, “Lungs,” ƝOAH continues to connect with listeners through his heartfelt and relatable music, providing a soundtrack that resonates with both his inner and outer worlds.

With the release of “Mr Fox” and the upcoming live launch at The Leadbeater on June 2nd, it’s clear that ƝOAH’s musical journey is just getting started. This talented artist has a busy year ahead, with two additional singles on the horizon. So, get ready to embrace the infectious energy of “Mr Fox” and let ƝOAH’s captivating artistry transport you to a world of catchy melodies and stylish performances.

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