SOMA’s musical alchemy shines in ‘Medicine’: A playful and captivating sonic delight

SOMA, the enigmatic sonic voyager, unveils her latest musical offering, the mesmerising single “Medicine.” 

With her latest release, “Medicine,” SOMA, is proving herself to be a boundary-pushing musician who fearlessly traverses genres. Effortlessly stepping away from her neo-soul, R&B origins, SOMA has tapped into the very essence of hip-hop, and created a sonic tapestry that is uniquely her own.

Her sound is simultaneously distinct and inviting, drawing listeners into a world where genre boundaries blur and musical curiosity knows no limits. It is with this unwavering spirit of exploration that SOMA is aligning herself with genre-defying trailblazers like M.I.A, and Charli XCX, in creating a spellbinding sonic tapestry.


“Medicine” serves as a striking testament to her defiance of musical conventions,  with an intoxicating blend of sounds that defies categorisation, this track captivates listeners with its boundary-pushing creativity and undeniable allure.

SOMA’s musical odyssey embarked at a tender age, amidst a vibrant tapestry of eclectic sounds and timeless vinyl treasures that resonated within the walls of her culturally diverse abode.

It was here that her innate gift for weaving melodies, unraveling pitch, synchronising rhythm, and capturing the essence of perfect timing became unmistakably evident, laying the foundation for her extraordinary ascent.


“Medicine’s”  lyrics harness the evocative power of nature’s imagery, weaving a rich tapestry of sounds that deeply resonates with listeners. As you groove to the infectious beats, you’ll feel the inherent vibes of mother nature, enhancing the already compelling sound with an extra layer of pleasure.


In “Medicine,” SOMA beckons you to immerse yourself in a garden straight out of a hotter version of the good book, where the air is saturated with the succulent sweetness of ripening fruit. This sensory journey pulsates with rich flavours, evoking a mesmerising blend of honeyed melodies, tantalising spices, and a sensuality that is both esoteric and feminine.

I had the pleasure of collaborating with the multi-talented producer Thomas Elliott from ‘Korky Buchek’ at Bodega studios in Sydney. With this song, I wanted to step away from my recent Neo-soul sound and step into something new.

I heard Tom’s beat and was immediately in the mood to create something fun without overthinking. ‘Medicine’ is just that – a spicy song about exploring the senses, indulging in flavour, and embracing the fiery and intense dance of desire and lust.”

Prepare to be swept away by her intoxicating artistry and infectious spirit, as she delivers a sonic remedy that will leave you yearning for more. Immerse yourself in this captivating journey and let SOMA’s musical alchemy transport you to sublime realms of euphoria.



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