Cursed by a witch in New Jersey, Nobody’s Sheriff make the most of their fate

Nobody’s Sheriff deliver not one, but two spanking brand new music videos

Established back in 2011, the quintet that composes Nobody’s Sheriff are said to have had an encounter with the Hoboken Frog Man.

Said Frog Man sentenced the group to a lifetime of making music in exchange for their lives.

The New Jersey outfit clearly enjoy their own mythology, and who’s to say there is any better way to form a band – one that has continued to create for over a decade. Although that might just be down to the curse. 

In collaboration with EM Agency & Productions, Nobody’s Sheriff present their highly nostalgic, Scooby-Doo animation style music video for their uplifting track Higher Ground above.

The video follows a group of wolfy-fox looking creatures – one with a six pack, another with a side fringe – presumably on some sort of mission through the forest, one that involves a lot of running, walking, and fire.

Each creature represents a member of the band, and receives its own opening credits style introduction. The song itself could be either the theme song for an animated series that holds friendship as its central theme, or an upbeat cut from a Father John Misty record. 

On the other side of the Nobody’s Sheriff spectrum is She Got Inside Your Mind, this music video by Adam Lavalla.

A more sinister, funky track with a female vocal as the lead is supported by stock footage of elderly people dancing together, interspersed with unsettling, amusing and artistic edits.

Completely unexpected, trippy and laced with a silly sense of hilarity, She Got Inside Of Your Mind seems like a release from a different band entirely.

This holds up with the curse, however, since the group are cursed to perform any genre that the moment calls for. Flush with technicolour and throwbacks to things we may not quite remember but that somehow make us smile, She Got Inside of Your Mind is an ode to the band’s jovial nature; their reluctance to take anything too seriously.

It’s a ride that cannot be structured nor anticipated, but one that is made all the more enjoyable by its insanity. 

Watch Higher Ground and She Got Inside Your Mind above and immerse yourself in the cursed goodness of Nobody’s Sheriff. 

Reviewed by Caitlin Norris