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It’s not the most exciting piece of kit, but we could certainly all use one

We can all agree that the most frustrating thing about our favourite dynamic mics for vocals is having to ride our preamps at 100% just to get them to perform at a decent recording level.

This usually results in some nasty humming from the noise floor of cheaper preamps. Having to buy another piece of kit like a cloudlifter to make that happen tends to leave a pretty decent sized hole in your wallet. But maybe that’s no longer the case.

Inline Preamp

The SES-GHOST is Sescom’s affordable and efficient solution to the problem. It’s a single channel inline microphone preamp offering up to 37dB of extra gain which, like the rest of the option in its class, runs on the phantom power provided by your audio interface.

Sescom is a bit of a jack of all trades in the audio world. They focus on a wide range of audio applications from; speaking, drama, live music, video and film production, network sports, news, to house of worship installations.

They’re a bit of a one stop shop for your cabling and audio interfacing needs.


The SES-GHOST is a small and unassuming device, much smaller than a CloudLifter. Some might love this, others might not. It doesn’t sit tight on a table like other offerings do; it falls very much ‘in-line’ with the rest of your microphone cabling.

One thing I like about the design of the GHOST preamp is that if you don’t want the extra cabling hanging around from connecting XLRs to both ends you can just plug the female end of the SES-GHOST directly into your microphone and then run a single XLR to your audio interface.

As for sound there’s not a whole heap to remark on, and that’s what you want from a mic activator like this. It does what it says on the box.

It gives you enough clean gain boost to record at a comfortable level, preventing you from hearing the noise floor of your preamps.


If you’re building your first podcast rig or you just wanna record vocals with your SM7B without having to squeeze every last ounce of gain out of your audio interface then the SES-GHOST is absolutely worth looking into.

And coming in at only 40 USD, even when you include shipping costs this blows other products in its field out of the water.

Find out more from the Sescom website here: