Noel Gallagher would reunite with former band, Oasis, for £100 million

Former Oasis guitarist, Noel Gallagher, says that the band would only reform for £100 million (AUD 183 million).

The revelation comes in the wake of brother (and former Oasis frontman) Liam Gallagher’s claim that the brothers were offered 100 million pounds to get the band back together.

The incident occurred in early February last year, where Liam blasted his brother in a pair of tweets. In addition to the money revelation, Liam Gallagher labelled his brother “a greedy soul” for not accepting the money because he was “minted and rich as f*ck”.

liam and noel gallagher
Photo: Dave Hogan/Getty via spin.com

On the other hand, Liam referred to himself as being “a desperate c*nt” with nothing better to do.

When appearing on The Jonathan Ross Show in the UK, Noel Gallagher expressed his annoyance by shutting down his brother’s words.

During the interview, he stated: “Why do you say ‘It’s not necessarily untrue?’ Because it is untrue. There isn’t £100 million in the music business between all of us”. Then, later on, came the shocking words.

“If anybody wants to offer me £100 million now, I’ll say it now, I’ll do it. I’ll do it for £100 million … Ludicrous. What is funny though is that I think Liam actually believes it, which is the funny thing.”

The argument that led to Oasis splitting is as infamous as the feud between the Gallagher brothers themselves.

Due to a 2009 music festival performance, the Rock En Seine festival in Paris, ongoing conflicts reached a breaking point where a violent incident occurred backstage.

“He [Liam] goes out the dressing room, for whatever reason he went to his own dressing room and he came back with a guitar and he started wielding it like an axe and I’m not f*cking kidding,” Noel Gallagher once explained.

“And I’m making light of it because it’s kind of what I do, but it was a real unnecessary violent act, and he’s swinging this guitar around, he nearly took my face off with it.” The altercation led to Gallagher ultimately deciding to leave Oasis behind.

While their time in Oasis has led to both brothers being estranged from each other, Gallagher says that that period of his life “was all wrapped up in youth and camaraderie.”

“[Reuniting] would just be for showbiz and for a mere paltry £100 million,” Gallagher admitted.

While the band certainly allowed all involved to leave their mark on the music industry, Gallagher continued to carve out a respectable career for himself.

The musician went on to form his own rock band, Noel Gallagher’s High-Flying Birds, and has toured with US alt-rock group, The Smashing Pumpkins.