Liam Gallagher denies Noel’s claim that a love triangle started the Oasis/Blur feud

Another day, another Gallagher feud. Taking to Twitter, Liam Gallagher has denied claims that the rift between Oasis and Blur originated because of a love triangle in the mid-’90s between himself, Blur frontman Damon Albarn, and a girl that Liam was supposedly dating.

The claims, which have recently resurfaced, were first made by Noel Gallagher in the 2019 book Don’t Look Back In Anger: The rise and fall of Cool Britannia by Daniel Rachel.

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Liam Gallagher has responded to claims that the feud between Oasis and Blur was born out of a love triangle involving himself and Damon Albarn.

In the book, Noel describes that “Liam and Damon were shagging the same bird; and there was a lot of cocaine involved”. 

“That’s where the germ of it grew from,” Noel says, going onto describe an NME award ceremony where “[Oasis] won everything and then we were photographed with Blur, and Liam said, ‘Fuck you cunts, blah blah blah.’”

“It just escalated from there. They’re both singers, and singers are fucking idiots. They’re wired the wrong way round. Once they’ve looked at themselves in the mirror for four hours, what else are they going to do?” he continued. “It’s like gangland wars start over ridiculous things and then it’s very hard to put them to bed. It was kind of like that.”

The claims were backed up in the book by ex-Oasis manager Alan McGee, who described: “There was a situation with a girl. That created the Britpop war. Damon shagged somebody close to Liam… It was one of these many women Damon was friendly with.”

“Then he got off with her for a one-night stand and that created the rub,” McGee continued. “They were all goading each other after that. It created the Blur-Oasis wars.” 

When the claims resurfaced, Liam took to Twitter to offer his side of the story, calling Albarn “Dermot oblong” and claiming that the feud actually dates back to when Noel “wished he Dermot caught AIDS and die”. 

He continued by claiming he’d “never done cocaine with any of that lot”:

Liam then turned his sights on Alan McGee, threatening to slap the music executive:

Has he set the record straight or simply made the waters of history even murkier? You decide. For a rundown on the entire Liam and Noel Gallagher feud, head here.