NSW COVID restrictions are easing today, just in time for Christmas

NSW COVID-19 restrictions are easing today thanks to the high vaccination rates.

Unvaccinated people are being given significant freedoms today as restrictions ease for the first time since June.

While people may be concerned about the rising number of COVID cases, fingers are crossed that this means fewer ‘freedom’ protests full of unvaccinated people spreading this disease further.

Credit: Baramee Thaweesombat _ EyeEm_Getty Images_EyeEm

Most of Australia’s states are now restoring freedoms that have not been seen since March last year, despite the emergence of the Omicron strain.

What rules are changing today?

There is no longer a limit to the number of people allowed in your home, at outdoor public gatherings and at hospitality venues.

Masks are still encouraged where social distancing isn’t possible but they’re no longer required in most indoor settings including shops.

That’s right, we’ll be able to see each other’s faces again!

Masks will still be required on public transport and planes, at airports and for indoor front-of-house hospitality staff who are not fully vaccinated.

Businesses are no longer required to adhere to density limits, meaning it will hopefully be a little easier to book in for your beauty appointments.

There are also no longer any travel restrictions for people in Greater Sydney of regional NSW so this festive season is hopefully going to be full of heart-warming reunions.

In some of the best news of all, music festivals are coming back with a 20,000 person limit so this summer is going to go off!

See the full list of eased restrictions here.