Odyssey S defines a new era of sound with new single ‘Run For Miles’

Following a massive year in 2019, Odyssey S has been quick to start making 2020 even bigger with the release of his latest single Run For Miles.

Odyssey S

Run For Miles is a feel-good flash of electro-pop, proving that Odyssey S is going places and going there fast. 

Melbourne’s eclectic music scene is an ever-changing hotpot of genres and styles, making it the perfect place for Odyssey S to emerge with his unique sound. What strikes us immediately about this artist is the way he allows a broad range of influences to guide his own musical creations including the likes of Chelsea CutlerFlume, Billie Eilish, and Julia Michaels. It is because of these rich and diverse personal tastes that Odyssey S is able to deliver electro-pop with a distinctive indie edge that not only just stands out, but demands to be heard. 

While Run For Miles instantly strikes as a catchy and upbeat track, Odyssey S incorporates his unique songwriting abilities to add another layer of depth to the song. Aiming to take listeners on an empowering emotional journey, Odyssey S explores broken relationships and what it feels like to finally escape one. These lyrics are made even better with the lush vocals which prove his skills as a not just a producer, but a singer and songwriter. 

Even When We Let It Go was the debut track released by Odyssey S last year and while the track is impressive, reaching a massive market on Apple music, Run For Miles shows even more promise in gaining a monster fan-base. Through raw and honest songwriting and crisp pop production, it is immediately clear that Odyssey S shows the potential to be a pioneer of the next generation of Australian electronic music, defining a new era of sound. 

Be sure to wrap your ears around Run For Miles below and stay tuned to see Odyssey S make a name for himself in Australia’s electronic music scene.