Off Judy release their catchy and cruisy debut EP 'Grow Up'

Off Judy release their catchy and cruisy debut EP ‘Grow Up’

Off Judy keeps it simple and effective, with their chilled-out brand of garage rock and melodic sensibility.

Kiwi-born mates Finn Mcildowie and Tom Cameron-Duncan make up garage-rock outfit Off Judy. Their seasoned time gigging around Byron Bay was cut short by COVID-19, but the pair took the downtime as an opportunity to record.

Time in the studio for this duo has proved fruitful. Their debut EP Grow Up is full of lyrical substance and cruisy rhythms, destined for UE Booms across Aussie coastlines.

Off Judy

Off Judy began like most bands do: “jamming in our friend’s garage on our lunch break.” Then, the inevitable happened… “Neighbours started complaining”, and the boys had to switch from the garage to a Byron Bay studio. However, with Alain from Les Krills on mixing duties, and the lads with a handful of tunes to track, Off Judy hashed out an incredible debut EP.

Throughout the four tracks, Finn’s vocal deliveries have the easy-going, worn-in tones of Kurt Vile or Skeggs, while drummer Tom has the upbeat 4/4 rock groove of Hockey Dad. Together, they blend to form a very approachable brand of music, fit for the Australian indie scene.


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Opener End of The Line buzzes out a warm electric guitar hook, alongside some classic kick/snare action to bring the listener in. Summery chords pave the way for Finn to casually weight up decisions regarding perspective, relationships, and all that relatable singer/songwriter goodness. Next comes the homely and relatable hum along, Tie My Shoes. The latest EP single strings together famous sayings like “Pay the piper” and “I’m my own worst enemy” to tell a humbling story of misguided priorities, by caring too much, or not caring enough: “I get so caught up, trying not to give a fuck”. The drum work is perfectly restrained, and the chorus is probably the most potent melody on the entire EP.

Black and White is another standout. With its booming drums and belting vocals, I wouldn’t be surprised if this becomes a live show staple for the pair. The hook is pretty solid too: “theirs too many colours in this world for my eyes”. Final track Bite The Bullet is Off Judy at their most epic and honest. The electric guitar noodles along as Finn acknowledges his mistakes and levels with his audience. The late drum entry is utterly satisfying, especially as Finn showcases his impressive vocal range.

For the remainder of summer and beyond, Grow Up from Off Judy is the EP get your toes tapping and brain stimulated simultaneously. Lovely stuff lads.