‘Precious’ from NZ artist Silas Futura is a silky-smooth victory lap

New single Precious by Silas Futura is a buttery dose of ecstasy with a personable, lively music video to match.

New Zealand artist Silas Futura, formally known as Bobandii, has your summer banger requirements handled. His latest track Precious is love at first listen with its effortless flow, fun lyrics and tasty synths.

Precious has had quite the journey to make it to our speakers. The infectious blend of rap/pop first begun four years ago, when SmokeyGotBeatz gave Silas a listen to the beat.

Silas Futura

According to Silas, it “never felt hard, and I never lost interest in it”. The New Zealand talent brought his experienced rap and vocal chops to the table, and the rest is history.

In terms of influence, Silas Futura takes from the best. Lyrical asides like “I’m just trying to eat my damn sandwiches in peace” hold a charming wit similar to Rex Orange County, and the smooth transitions from singing to rapping feel similar to a Dominic Fike cut.

The Benji Taylor-directed music video begins by splicing Futura’s childhood video clips together as the beat warms up. Then, we get an iconic shot of current-day Futura rapping, lying on top of old photos of his childhood. Silas Futura then proceeds to vibe the fuck out in a multitude of beautiful New Zealand locations from his hometown, including a pier and a lush forest.

Everything gets tied together as the video concludes with Futura posing for the camera and sharing a laugh with his family. It’s a feel-good bop of a track, no doubt, but there’s plenty of visual substance here. These old baby photos, hometown spots, laughs with the family – it’s all irreplaceable, it’s all precious.

“Never lose sight of the fact that we on top of the world right now”, Futura exclaims.

So, prepare to be immersed by the liberty and charisma of Futura, the slick trap beat and gorgeous synth work that’s culminated into Precious. This is a track with some serious legs.

Listen to more of Silas Futura here.