Oh White Mare’s new single Goodnight and Goodbye serves indie rock with an edge

Oh White Mare just dropped their hook-laden single Goodnight and Goodbye; paying homage to Western Australia’s indie rock legacy.

Produced by Andy Lawson, Goodnight and Goodbye is catchy as heck, playing host to fuzz-filled riffs, frontman Ross Wood’s soaring melodies, and no nonsense indie rock. That, melded with lyrics of romantic foreboding, make Goodnight and Goodbye way more than just a pop song.

Searing riffs, soaring melodies, and considered lyrics: Goodnight and Goodbye signals Oh White Mare’s growth as songwriters and indie rock gems.

Goodnight and Goodbye is a well structured track that demonstrates the consideration Oh White Mare have put into it. Pushing their own boundaries, the band have embroidered a fabric of luscious soundscapes with exciting passages, movements and bridges that bring Goodnight and Goodbye to life, and set it apart from tracks we’ve caught from them in the past.

It’s a smarter, more provocative breed of indie rock; utilising deft guitar work and unfettered crescendo.

The single marks Oh White Mare’s return from a spiritual hiatus from which they’ve retuned more determined than ever. The last new music we caught from them was The Modern Lovers  in 2017, which was undoubtedly the beginning of their exciting news opus.

Since their first release, Outsiders in 2016, the band are proving to be a force in Perth’s music scene, constantly striving to develop their sound and push boundaries further. Goodnight and Goodbye is a great example of just this, and a testament to what Oh White Mare have to offer.


Goodnight & Goodbye is out now.