Okenyo-Broken Chest

You’re forgiven if you haven’t heard of the newest Sydney talent, Okenyo. I wasn’t exposed to their sound until I browsed through the Big Sound Festival artist list and hit play. The vocalist of Okenyo is comparable to a modern-day Cleopatra, exuberant with confidence, grace and a fierce sense of style and attitude.

There’s something truly magical about a woman on stage whose presence is controlled yet glittering with charm and charisma. I can assure you that Okenyo won’t let you down if like me you dig dynamic female artists.


Okenyo is both vulnerable and fearless. The warmth and passion her seamless sound exudes is positively awe-inspiring. Exciting things to come from this lady.

It is almost impossible to isolate Okenyo from her influences, as she stitches them together to form her tapestry. Coated in sweet layers of soul, her voice is reminiscent of a female Frank Ocean. Waves of vibrato and scatted melodies carry her sound like swelling storm clouds ready to pour. Yet, her sound is uncluttered and happily understated.

Cutting beats, looped tracks, and icy synth frost up the background of Broken Chest and Okenyo fights back, breathing fearsome warmth akin to her glowing passion which ignites the fire. With an equally strong band defending her, it seems like an uneven affair, as she reduces the background- to a distant echo.

There’s a shadow of vulnerability behind her assertive exterior as she defines herself are much more than a singer but an artist, poet and actress. Her message of embracing life and treating yourself with kindness echoes throughout her single, Broken Chest, a song which reveals the subconscious mind of the artist, as she reminds us, “you’re everything, don’t forget it.”

Now it’s my turn to remind you that Okenyo is playing at the Big Sounds Festival on the 10th of September. She’ll be there with her loop pedals, awesome band and catchy single Broken Chest. Don’t miss it, she’s most certainly one to watch.