Hits – Hikikomori

They literally sound like nothing I have ever listened to before, so there goes my usual opening sentence about what kind of a combination they are. In any case its definitely rock and roll, and not the kind us Gen X kids are used to, with song names to prove it like, Bitter And Twisted and Jesus F Christ.


There is nothing but praise for Brisbane rockers Hits. They’ve been compared to many Aussie music greats and present the best SEO band name challenge since Songs.

Hits are from Brisbane and in April this year released their second album Hikikomori (which I did need to copy and paste), through Conquest of Noise and Beast Records, produced by Rob Younger. Hikikomori, was the follow up to their critically acclaimed first album, Living With You Is Killing Me, which was released through Merenoise Records and then European label Beast Records, before doing a 22 date tour through Belgium, the Netherlands and France in 2012.

The new album got a 4/5 star review from The Age and last year the Courier Mail voted their song Take Your Pills as one of the top 50 best Queensland songs ever written, which is a HUUUUGE call, putting them up amongst bands such as The Saints, The Bee Gees, Powderfinger and the Go-Betweens. I have only read radical things about their live performances and they are known to regularly pack out their Brisbane gigs. How have I never heard of these guys is my question?!

Their album Hikikomori is all shades of great. The band loves nothing better than getting out on the road and blasting their songs to receptive audiences. Whether this show was the best of the tour or only close is something only they themselves can judge. “The rest of us thought it was something special,” says the Barman, from the Rollerden, Erskineville.

Well then Hits, despite your horribly vague choice of band name, it has been a bloody pleasure*.

*Editorial would like to point out that we think there is a game going on in Brisbane called WHO CAN COME UP WITH THE HARDEST SEO BAND NAME IN THE WORLD. Some suggestions Happy would like to make are: Porn, Insurance, Music, Free and Download.



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