George Harrison’s widow pays tribute in book of poetry

Olivia Harrison pays tribute to her late husband, George Harrison, in a new book of poetry.

Just over 20 years after the passing of her late husband George Harrison, Olivia Harrison pays tribute to the legend, with a new collection of poems Came the Lightening.

Harrison reflects upon her life with George and explores the intimacy and the deep emotional bond they shared throughout their marriage. Harrison dives into the depths of what it means to lose a partner and the insights that can only come with the passing of time through this beautiful series of poems

Olvia Harrison
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The collection includes stunning photos, by iconic photographer Henry Grossman, Sue Flood, Mary McCartney, and artist, photographer, and filmmaker Marcus Tomlinson. A drawing by artist and musician Klaus Voormann is also included, all of which was curated by Olivia, including mementoes of their time together.

Came the Lightening features an introduction by filmmaker Martin Scorsese, who directed the George Harrison: Living in a Material World Documentary in 2011, sharing in a statement with Genesis, “Olivia evokes the most fleeting gestures and instants, plucked from the flow of time and memory and felt through her choice of words and the overall rhythm… She might have done an oral history or a memoir. Instead, she composed a work of poetic autobiography.”

“Here on the shore, twenty years later, my message in a bottle has reached dry land. Words about our life, his death but mostly love and our journey to the end.” – Olivia Harrison


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 Olivia and George Harrison met when she worked for A&M Records, which distributed the former Beatle’s Dark Horse record label. They married in 1978, and have one son together, Dhani Harrison, who is also a musician. 

Harrison, an author and film producer, is a keen advocator of film preservation, and along with Scorsese, sponsors the preservation of film history with restoration projects including short films by Charlie Chaplin and works from 1940s Mexican cinema.

Genesis, who is publishing the collection, shares: Came the Lightening sees Olivia reflect upon her life with George, examining the intimacy of the emotional bond in their relationship through a memorable series of poems. She delves into the phenomenon of losing a partner and the passage of time.”

Harrison’s Came the Lightening: Twenty Poems for George is slated for publication this summer by Genesis Publications on June 21.