On what would have been his 70th birthday, David Bowie releases surprise ‘No Plan’ EP and music video

David Bowie‘s extraordinary life is the gift that keeps on giving. On what would have been the weekend of his 70th birthday, a new EP of his final recordings ever has been released. It’s called the No Plan EP and it’s accompanied by a wonderful new video for the title track.

no plans

On what would have been his 70th birthday, David Bowie releases surprise ‘No Plan’ EP featuring tracks from the Lazarus musical and an accompanying music video.

As well as lead single from Blackstar, Lazarus, the No Plan EP will feature tracks from the acclaimed Lazarus musical that is currently running in London. These include some of Bowie’s final recordings ever, Killing A Little Time, When I Met You and the melancholic title track.

These new songs were recorded during the Blackstar sessions, specifically for the theatrical incarnation of Lazarus. Check out the entire EP on Spotify below.

The accompanying video for No Plan was directed by Tom Hingston who has worked with Bowie multiple times in the past. The video recalls motifs from the 1976 film The Man Who Fell To Earth (Bowie’s first film) including a reference to the movie’s main character Thomas Newton and a closing scene which features stunning visuals of space travel – doubling as a final salute from the Starman himself.

Although the Lazarus musical won’t be arriving in Australia anytime soon, a celebration of David Bowie’s life will be taking place at the Sydney Opera House on Monday the 30th of January. Sydney is one of five cities across the world that will host the show, which will feature tributes from a huge selection of musicians. See more info here.

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