On what would have been his 70th birthday, the world is planning a birthday bash for David Bowie

While David Bowie may have physically left us to hang out with Major Tom and the Starman, people are still celebrating his life, and what better day to celebrate than his own birthday?

Inspired by the overwhelming number of musicians that honoured his life after his death in February, a tribute event will commemorate Bowie’s upcoming 70th birthday. The concerts will be all around the world and contain over 30 musicians and 40 artists.


Bowie undeniably shaped the experiences of many musicians in his lifetime. Celebrating David Bowie will give artists and fans a chance to commemorate him on a special day, and let former band mates say goodbye.

Friend and singer Gary Oldman will host the show with an array of special guests. According to the press release, Bowie’s “band alumni” are in the line-up, as well as “friends and a massive ensemble of top recording and touring musicians from around the world.” Previous tribute shows have included stellar artists such as Debbie Harry, Bette Midler and Cyndie Lauper.

“Over his career, David challenged and changed our understanding of the medium, whether in music or in life, he emphasised originality, experimentation, exploration, and in his very unique way, he also reminded us to never take ourselves too seriously” Oldman says.

The string of birthday events will happen in various locations all around the world. Notably, the London location will be Brixton, Bowie’s birthplace.

Celebrating David Bowie has a much deeper significance to his former band mates. Playing together will serve as a catharsis – “to say goodbye to David properly in a grand show.”

The location of the concerts are yet to be released, but they will be places that hold great personal and creative connection to musician. The first is concert in Brixton, London, and will be held on Sunday 8 January 2017.