Consequence of Sound have released their 100 Greatest Singers of All Time list. Let the controversy begin.

Rolling Stone have long been the target of scorn of music fans for their “Greatest of All Time” lists, which are usually contentious and somewhat drama-inducing, but always an interesting read.

Chicago-based music publication Consequence of Sound have also been known to dabble in the odd ranking list, having already looked at the greatest albums of all time earlier this year. Now they’ve up the ante, giving singers a crack in a epic “100 Greatest of All Time” list.

greatest singers of all time

Consequence of Sound have released their definitive “The 100 Greatest Singers of All Time” list – let the controversy begin.

These list-makers are always the first to cover their arses with a disclaimer noting that ranking anything is a matter of opinion. This is especially poignant with singers, whereby the standard of what a ‘good singer’ is incredibly speculative.

That being said, we reckon CoS did a pretty good job. No doubt there were some glaring omissions – which we’re sure you will all be happy to contribute to pointing out below – but this a virtually impossible task, and anyone who takes it on with this much fortitude deserves a round.

So here it is, Consequence of Sound’s “100 Greatest Singers of All Time” list:

100. Lou Reed
99. Bonnie Raitt
98. Justin Vernon
97. Jim Morrison
96. Annie Lennox
95. Iggy Pop
94. Steven Tyler
93. Patti Smith
92. Maynard James Keenan
91. Glenn Danzig
90. Madonna
89. Ronnie James Dio
88. Ian Curtis
87. Van Morrison
86. Ann Wilson
85. Joe Strummer
84. Joanna Newsom
83. Paul Simon
82. Leonard Cohen
81. Joe Cocker
80. John Lennon
79. Patti Labelle
78. Karen Carpenter
77. Willie Nelson
76. Alicia Keys
75. Joni Mitchell
74. Michael Stipe
73. Robert Smith
72. Florence Welch
71. Thom Yorke
70. Sting
69. Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens)
68. Ms. Lauryn Hill
67. Ozzy Osborne
66. Gladys Knight
65. Elliot Smith
64. McCartney
63. Emmylou Harris
62. Fiona Apple
61. Phil Collins
60. David Byrne
59. Sly Stone
58. Anohni
57. Curtis Mayfield
56. Dolly Parton
55. Nick Cave
54. Christina Aguilera
53. Prince
52. Dusty Springfield
51. Bob Dylan
50.  Bruce Springsteen
49. Donna Summer
48. Solomon Bourke
47. Jonsi
46. Patsy Cline
45. Elvis Presley
44. Mary J. Blige
43. Louis Armstrong
42. Smokey Robinson
41. Frankie Valli
40. Elton John
39. Karen O
38. Mike Patton
37. Janis Joplin
36. Little Richard
35. Morrissey
34. Adele
33. Etta James
32. Bono
31. Ray Charles
30. Beyonce
29. Axl Rose
28. Al Green
27. Tine turner
26. Jeff Buckley
25. Kate Bush
24. Otis Redding
23. Tom Waits
22. Johnny Cash
21. Diana Ross
20. Roger Daltry
19. Mariah Carey
18. Stevie Nicks
17. Frank Sinatra
16. Stevie Wonder
15. David Bowie
14. Ella Fitzgerald
13. Marvin Gaye
12. Sam Cooke
11. Nina Simone
10. Björk
09. Robert Plant
08. Amy Winehouse
07. Roy Orbison
06. Whitney Houston
05. James Brown
04. Aretha Franklin
03. Freddie Mercury
02. Billie Holiday
01. Michael Jackson

Check out the list on CoS here.

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