One small step for herself and one giant leap for Aussie music, let the tunes of Alex the Astronaut lift you to space

Moving from strength to strength is the name of the game for Aussie folktronic songstress Alex the Astronaut. Over the past few months alone Alex has released a new single Already Home, produced and starred in an accompanying music video, signed with Universal Music Publishing Group, and is set to play a string of local performances in Sydney and Melbourne, with an EP in the pipeline.

Clearly, Alex prefers giant leaps to small steps. Eat your heart out, Neil.

alex the astronaut

Fusing ethereal electronica and acoustics with sanguine lyrics, Alex the Astronaut takes listeners to untraversed, cosmic heights.

Although the young musician calls Australia home, she has spent the last few years studying maths and physics in New York on a soccer and academic scholarship, making music and scoring spots at iconic venues in the spare moments she has had between commitments.

With storytelling forming the backbone of her music, Alex’s lyrics magnify moments and people which may initially seem inconsequential, but, upon closer inspection, provide keen and insightful commentary on contemporary issues and universal experiences.

Her latest single, Already Home, for instance, candidly highlights the oftentimes harsh and unjust state of the world with the line “And there’s billionaires for presidents, and parking fines at hospitals.” On the topic, she says:

“I like learning about different people, and the best way I can represent them in a song is to write a story about them. I think everyone has something important to share so I try to write about as many people’s stories that I can.”

Inspired by her musical icons David Bowie and Paul Kelly, Alex proactively strives to cerebrally transport her audience into her lyrical narratives “so you feel like you’re there.”

Her advice for aspiring performers is simple: “Work really hard on your writing, and be open to learning new things. I think it’s easy for people to be discouraged from pursuing music because everyone says it’s so difficult. It is hard, but I also think if you keep looking to improve, and try to build up a great team of people around you who you trust, it’s very achievable.”

Alex is playing to sold out audiences in Sydney at the Newsagency on the 13th and 14th of January, but you can still catch her at Bar 303 in Melbourne on January 20.

Later this year, after tying up a few loose ends in the Big Apple, Alex says she’ll be returning home to Sydney for good.

“We’ll see what happens! To infinity and beyond, or something.”