ONEFOUR reach #1 Trending on YouTube Australia, beating Billie Elish

With their new track Better, Western Sydney rap crew ONEFOUR are trending at #1 on YouTube Australia above international star Billie Eilish.

The win at all costs attitude of ONEFOUR has kept the Mount Druitt drillers upon their star-bound trajectory, landing three of their four tracks from their debut EP Against All Odds trending at number one, three and four on YouTube Australia. ONEFOUR at number one and four? Nice…

The group has not been short of obstacles upon their historic come up, with strong opposition from New South Wales Police calling for their shows to be shut down, and incarcerating three of the crew’s members for various offences. Their track Better features British rapper Dutchavelli and production from Carnage, boasting a noticeably higher budget than what has been filmed previously on the streets, depicting ONEFOUR’s wild side of Sydney.


The clip, directed by Maddy King, enlists the help of 11 dancers and a production crew of 13. It’s a far cry from regular visions of parties in Mount Druitt, replaced by fast cars, money, and private jets.

ONEFOUR’s long-awaited debut EP Against All Odds is an opportunity for the group to tell their story and the story of those who came before them. Notably the crew addresses issues for young minority groups from their area, particularly that of Polynesian-Australians facing high incarceration rates and racially motivated injustices perpetrated by the police.

The group taking out the number one spot on YouTube off Billie Eilish has been historic for ONEFOUR, and thanks to their inability to tour, their presence has largely been on online. Their music videos have been going unilaterally viral, amassing millions of views from local fans and the British drill scene alike.

Stay tuned for more from ONEFOUR, and stream their EP Against All Odds below.