Ornella serves up a sweet slice of summer love on her new single ‘Cher & Josh’

On her new Summer single, Ornella encourages us to trust in love and live completely free.

Cher & Josh is a soft and sweet folk-pop song that sticks in your ears for days. Singing of a sweet, summer romance, Ornella throws it back with references to the ‘90s classic Clueless. But, unlike the movie’s subject matter, this artist has it all worked out.

The melodies are addictive, the lyrics are on point, and the track’s full of honeyed summer vibes.


Her second single for this year, following on from In the Middle of the Night, Cher & Josh has the potential to be an instant hit. Trading the dreamy, nocturnal hues of her previous work with sunburnt folk tones, the song softly washes in with an acoustic-driven melody and Ornella’s velvety vocals to fill any sadness or longing that you may be feeling.

It’s a song that will make any ‘90s kid swoon and every Clueless fanatic fall in love all over again. Just like Cher and Josh, Ornella reminds us that love isn’t perfect but it just has to be trusted in.


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“Ornella’s latest summer single is finally here, bringing with it a breezy charm and nostalgic reminder of first-time love,” the artist’s bio reads. “Cher & Josh is filled with a warm energy that cannot be ignored and many lyrical melodies that are as catchy as any charting pop song. It isn’t hard to picture yourself blasting this song, swaying along to the rhythm while hanging by the pool in a hazy summer heat.”

Do yourselves a favour on this beautiful Summer’s day and dive into Ornella’s heartwarming single below: