Orphans Orphans – Orphan

Brisbane youngsters, Orphans Orphans are new on the Australian music block and they are making giant their tuneful scene. Anything but actual orphans, the band have familial roots in a bunch of bands and artists, and might actually be the ultimate Australian side project.

orphans orphans

Orphans Orphans, a supergroup grown from the fertile indie plains of Brisbane have just dropped a pretty damn rock n roll single.

Orphans Orphans are a rather ambiguous band that like to take photos in black and white and (from what I can gather from said black and white photos) have a good time playing the guitar. Although the band is fresh, the band members are from a cluster of well-received Australian projects. Sam Hales plays in tropical guitar band The Jungle Giants.

His fellow members have similar music backgrounds: Spencer White hails from Morning Harvey, Lewis Stephenson comes from The Belligerents, Aidan Moore is known as that dude with the hair from Moses Gunn Collective and Steve Kempnich has toured with Last Dinasours and Millions.

Orphans Orphans makes a sound that wakes you up. Their single, Orphan (let’s just let the fact that their single is self titled slide for now…) is full of rowdy guitars and vocals. Their sound is vastly different to that of their previous bands – messy, loud and unscripted – but it’s a sound fans of the aforementioned projects must hear.

Orphan channels elements of rock and roll with a touch of symbolics, although the song doesn’t seem to fit in the mold of any genre just yet. Orphan covers a lot of noise.

Orphans Orphans have an honest sound, a sound that says ‘I want to run into a dark forest full of terror.’ This song is definitely supposed to be listened to loud.

This self produced single Orphan hails their forthcoming debut EP due to be released around September. There are no scheduled tours or gig dates confirmed at the moment, but be sure to follow the band on Instagram for monochrome photo essays and more details.



*Editorial does not recommend running through dark forests full of terror. Enjoy Orphans from the comfort of your own home.