Oscar Key Sung Tour

Oscar Key Sung‘s rise to fame was what less creative writers might call ‘meteoric’. But calling a rise meteoric is a little bit of an oxymoron, because meteors fall down rather than up. I don’t know why ‘a meteoric rise’ has become such a household phrase, if I might use another cliched phrase.

The only way I can reconcile the phrase ‘meteoric rise to fame’ is if we were using the word meteoric in the fluvial sense – relating to the uptake of water through the atmosphere when describing geological formations.

Oscar Key Sung

Who: Oscar Key Sung + Supports

When: Saturday 26th April

Why: Have you heard this guy’s voice? Sploosh.

Geoscientific semantics aside, there’s a smooth voiced guy called Oscar Key Sung who blew up last year with his atmospheric productions and post-RnB beats. He’s the kind of guy who just through his voice could steal your girlfriend straight through the radio tubes, but doesn’t because he’s just some cool dude and not a Marvel supervillain. As such, he uses his powers for good – producing some very sweet, very Melbourne electronic tunes.

This weekend sees the last leg of OSK’s east coast tour, the soulful indie beatsmith hitting up The Alhambra Lounge in Brisbane on the 26th of April before flying over to Perth for the 1st of May, ending up in Adelaide on the 3rd of May. This is a great chance for all you Chet Faker fans out there to get a fill of soulful Australian RnB to warm y’all up for Chet’s own tour.

Tix are available from Moshtix or on the door of each venue for around $10.



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