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Osmose is a new synth with expression hidden in every single key

Osmose is the new synth instrument from music tech innovators Expressive E.  The company is known for creating the Touché – a revolutionary modulation and expression device.

Osmose is their latest creation and aims to give players an unmatched experience in the world of hardware synthesis. This ultra-modern take on the classic keyboard synthesizer looks to be the new favourite for any avid sound designer or composer.Osmose synth

Bring your synth playing to life with Osmose. Expressive E’s new prototype is pioneering a new age of unlimited keyboard expression.

Unlike conventional synthesizers, Osmose includes what Expressive E calls Augmented Keyboard Action (AKA). This technology gives you the ability to control three dimensions of touch: velocity, pressure, and lateral movement. Combining these dimensions in a multitude of ways can let you accurately replicate instruments like flutes, brass, and strings, as well as create groundbreaking new sounds.

Unlike Roli’s keyboard range, which focuses on expression through vertical and horizontal movement along its squishy surface, Osmose takes a different approach by designing an instrument full of expressive capability with a familiar keyboard interface. Tap, Press, Pitch and Aftertouch functions built straight into every one of the instruments 49 keys.

The hardware is powered by Haken Audio’s Eaganmatrix Synthesizer engine and contains a large library of sounds designed to take advantage of the AKA hardware. Additionally, you can further tweak sounds with a robust control panel that includes a pitch and mod sticks, two continuous pedal inputs and an LCD screen. Of course, Osmose can still work as an incredibly capable MIDI keyboard. It supports MPE and MPE+ sounds, polyphonic aftertouch, multichannel MIDI mode and global pitch bend.

Osmose is expected to be released sometime in 2020. Those looking to get in early can preorder up until December 10.

For more information be sure to visit Expressive E’s website.