Ozzy Osbourne has a genetic mutation that lets him keep partying

It’s no secret that the prince of darkness can party harder than the average man. It’s been shoved down the throats of the general population for the better part of the last four decades. What may surprise many is that the key to Ozzy Osbourne being able to ingest enough uppers, downers and all rounders to take down a decently sized brown bear actually comes down to genetic mutations.

A study conducted by Knome Inc. on Ozzy’s genetic structure showed some wild results. Researching wheter creativity was reflected in the human genome was the main draw for the researchers, but it was all to enthralling to look into the other side of Ozzy’s persona.

Findings from Knome Inc. have revealed genetic mutations in Ozzy Osbourne. So don’t blame it on Ozzy’s rampant substance abuse. Blame it on his DNA!

According to the findings, Ozzy Osborne has slight mutations in his genetic make-up that affects both his rate of addiction as well as his body’s ability to process substances. This is put down to “a change on the regulatory region of the ADH4 gene“.

Funnily enough, apparently caffeine is the one drug that affects the prince of darkness harder than the average person. I’d hate to see him after a long black.

A big surprise in this research is that Ozzy’s genes show Neanderthal ancestry. Whilst the traces are minimal, its not common knowledge that Neanderthal genetics still reside in people today.

Next time you can’t keep up with your mates at the local watering hole, blame it on science.