Think you’re heaps good at art? Let this AI bot brutally judge your drawings

Another day, another dickhead AI bot ready to crush your soul and dreams. Meet paint.wtf, the virtual drawing competition sweeping the internet.

Remember those fond memories of using MS Paint on your primary school’s battered up computers? Well now imagine that MS Paint developed a god complex and went on a bloodthirsty hunt to destroy every kid’s artistic dreams. Welcome to paint.wtf, the online competition that pits you against other budding artists.

What some may describe as lighthearted fun, others describe as soul-crushing. Enjoy.

drawing ai bot paint.wtf

All you have to do is enter the site and choose from one of the daily prompts. These bad boys can range from “draw a bumblebee that loves capitalism” to “draw an underwater scene in the style of Van Gogh.” The perfect cure for an art block.

Once you complete and submit your drawing, that’s where the real fun begins. The roboflow and booste-developed AI immediately ranks your work against your peers and some of the results are pretty brutal, as Reddit has confirmed.

“Lol. I drew an upside down dinosaur which was actually rated lower than ‘just a line,’” u/serLundry wrote. Ouch.

Just before Christmas, a similar invention did its rounds through the interwebs. Unlike paint.wtf, whose brutality lies in its subtly, How Bad Is Your Spotify is after blood and takes zero hostages. The bot rummages through every corner of your Spotify account, picks apart your weaknesses, and crushes you in one final blow. What better way to spend a sunny afternoon?

Check out paint.wtf here.