Nashville artist Paola Proctor’s new single Tongue Tied is strong, focused, and daring

The career of Nashville-based artist Paola Proctor isn’t really your average one. That is unless you consider such things as being an MMA fighter and selling copyrights to fortune 500 companies average.

Proctor’s music has been formed through years of experiences in various countries, performing both in orchestras and as a solo artist.

Introducing the focused yet adventurous pop-rock of Nashville’s Paola Proctor. These songs will stick with you for weeks.

Being a Mexican-American, and having spent time living and travelling in Europe and the Middle East, Proctor’s songs are brimming with adventure and international flare.

Her infectious pop-rock tunes are sharp and focused, yet display a charming eagerness to stray from a path of typical structure.

With dense instrumentation and a lively brass section, Proctor’s most recent release Tongue Tied is punchy and thumping, and will undoubtedly stick in your head for days to come.

Released last month, the new track perfectly showcases the singer-songwriter’s confident vocal style and experimentation with fresh sounds.

If you happen to find yourself in the Nashville area in the next couple of weeks and want to catch Paola Proctor live, she’ll playing at The 5 Spot on June 20th.

Though for now, do yourself a favour and listen to her track Tongue Tied above.