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Parallel Aggressor: ‘the definitive punch tool’ from BABY Audio

In the last couple of years, BABY Audio has crafted a unique, fun and easy-to-use suite of plugins that cover modulation, ambience and dynamics in unconventional ways. Parallel Aggressor — what the company bills as “the definitive punch tool” — is the latest addition to BABY Audio’s growing family.

Happily, Parallel Aggressor is very much in keeping with the company’s modus operandi. It presents a simple, intuitive and clean interface and a sound that’s musically tailored to slot right into your mix, all at a very competitive price. Parallel Aggressor

BABY Audio is back with Parallel Aggressor. It’s an easy-to-use parallel compression plugin that makes any sound effortlessly cut through the mix.

In a novel approach to the art of parallel compression, the signal is split into three different paths, with the level of each path controlled by three central faders.

Parallel engine 1 is titled Spank and is borrowed from BABY Audio’s debut, I Heart NY. This path has a deeper impact on the signal’s envelope and lends your tone an unmistakable attitude and punch. Parallel engine 2 is Heat, which is derived from the company’s eccentric Super VHS tape saturator.

The fun is in combining these engines with the third dry signal to find just the right amount of cut-through, warmth and glue for your sound source.

Parallel Aggressor is available now at the intro price of $29 USD. For all the details, plus a comprehensive range of demos, head over to the BABY Audio website.