Paris proves they’re serious about pollution by making all public transport free. Hello, Australia?

In response to facing their worst prolonged smog crisis in over a decade, Paris made public transport free for the second day running. In addition, on Tuesday all cars with an odd numbered license plate were banned on all roads.

The same treatment was afforded to even numbered plates on Wednesday, with a fine of 35 Euros for any non-compliers. On Tuesday alone, 1700 fines were handed out.

Image: IFLScience

In response to their worst smog crisis in over a decade, Paris is taking serious steps in the continued fight against human pollution in major cities.

The temporary ban placed on half of all vehicles comes days after the mayor of Paris pledged to ban all diesel cars by 2025 in a long-term bid to cut the dangerously high levels of air pollution. The plan is to instead promote alternative vehicles, while at the same time promote walking and cycling.

Meanwhile, Australian scientists are still working the impossible task of convincing the steaming shit pancake One Nation minister Malcolm Roberts that climate change actually exists.

Via IFLScience.