ParisLane – Careful

Swiftly gaining attention for their rambunctious X Factor auditions in 2012*, where twin brothers Andy and Steve Mackay ran around the stage, tried to smooch an audience member, and danced on the judges table (legend has it Mel C still hasn’t forgiven them for that one). The duo currently known as ParisLane have since calmed down and leveled up in the music industry. Still maintaining their charm and energy, the passionate red- headed brothers now have a few of their own songs to call their own to boot, including Left To Say, Rain, and Kylie.


Sydney’s Parislane bring their rock edge to a classic pop sound. Careful is a catchy tune – another taste of the duos charming and quirky difference.

These Brisbane boys are well known for playing up and down the East Coast of Australia across a variety of pubs and local hangs with both classical covers and original pieces. The sound ParisLane produces ranges as much as it can within the technical confines of the pop genre, with both smooth chilled out summer vibes, coupled off with the more grounded acoustics and soulful piano sounds, which is of course extremely impressive considering the brothers are currently independent of a record label at the moment. This definitely demonstrates a level of commitment and drive present in their musical endeavours when put into perspective of all the hard work they’ve been doing, Not to mention the fact that their internet/ social media game is strong. ParisLane can self promote is all I’m saying.

Their latest bombshell of a song Careful was released in December 2014 ( 2 years ago they released their EP, Poison), and has gained attention for a few admirable reasons. Starting off in a haze of nothing but positivity and good vibes, a kazoo like chorus of singers start the song out nice and strong. Mackay’s unique, rusted voice soon joins and establishes a calmer but still uplifting direction for the song to journey into.

His voice crescendos and breaks in all the right places, and the chorus is catchy as hell, the boys have done it again. However, although a good piece of work, this song doesn’t especially stand out; it’s very atypical of most of the music playing out there these days. Regardless though, Careful shows us that ParisLane has definitely matured greatly since their not so humble beginnings, and are a band you better start paying attention to in the future.

* Cringeworthy audition, but give these guys a chance, they’ve come a long way since then. 



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