Passion Pit announce new album Kindred and Wes Anderson-esk teaser and video

2012’s Gossamer will be followed up this April by Kindred, Passion Pit’s 3rd full length record. The news has been accompanied by a swag of teasers, Wes Anderson style videos and free downloads. The cover of the new record looks like this:

passion pit Kindred

Here’s a track list and the first song pulled from the record in video form (extra slow mo):

01 Lifted Up (1985)
02 Whole Life Story
03 Where the Sky Hangs
04 All I Want
05 Five Foot Ten (I)
06 Dancing on the Grave
07 Until We Can’t (Let’s Go)
08 Looks Like Rain
09 My Brother Taught Me How to Swim
10 Ten Feet Tall (II)