Zoe-Delilah traverses’ lifetimes on new song, ‘Past Life Lover’

Melbourne songwriter, Zoe-Delilah, isn’t afraid to be metaphysical as she explores karmic love on her latest song, Past Life Lover.

Melbourne singer Zoe-Delilah waxes metaphysical on her latest track, the electronic-pop driven, Past Life Lover. The song keeps one hand in the ethereal updraft of fate, and the other upon the heart, as it explores the phenomenon of lovers déjà vu.

Zoe-Delilah wrote the track at her parent’s homestead in Noosa at the end of a heart-wrenching break up; this heartache is ever-present in each musical element of Past Life Lover, from the anthemic thud of its electronic drumbeat and its crystalline synthesizers, to its enticing, prettified vocal harmonies, that underpins Delilah’s search for a cosmic rationale that explains why some loves conjure such agony.

Photo: Zoe-Delilah

The songs’ central theme struck Delilah like a lightning bolt during a songwriting session; transmitted into the antenna of her brain as though from another dimension. The song’s ethereal instrumentation came from exploring loops on Ableton, where Delilah fine-tuned the song’s frequency, completing it start to finish in 10 minutes.

Delilah sings the ethereal, softly autotuned melody of an otherworldly soothsayer, “you’re my past life lover and it’s so hard to be in new dimensions where extensions of our old souls meet”, as she explores the question, “does love journey with us across lives?”.

Past Life Lover, produced by Callan Orr from Dream on, Dreamer, is a mix of Passion Pit, Lana Del Rey, Grimes, and Aurora. It is an ode to love that is too overwhelming to turn away from, unhealthy, or not.

“Past Life Lover explores the concept of an inescapable love,” says Delilah. It’s “the kind that follows you from one life to the next and at the time feels like it can never be broken, even though know it’s not good for you.”

But the principal theme is the sensation of love as predetermined, inescapable, like fate; where love arises in our lives so intensely that it demands we retribute it, like a karmic seed withdrawn from a celestial bank account.

On Past Life Lover Zoe-Delilah bravely and beautifully explores the phenomenology of attraction with honesty and softness. Past Life Lover is feminine and unflinching, sitting comfortably between electronic and baroque pop.

Listen to Past Life Lover below: