With dreamy sonics and delectably retro stylings, Patches Paradise delivers the goods on Fever

Patches Paradise has emerged from the Sydney music scene guns blazing with his new single Fever. Fusing a dynamic blend of dreamy sounds with delectably retro stylings, Patches Paradise is here to cement his spot as an artist to watch.

For the multi-instrumentalist, producer and composer, influences can be found in the works of Glass Animals, Radiohead, Vulfpeck, The Presets and Jagwar Ma.

patches paradise fever charlie white

Fever by Patches Paradise is a banging track; a bass-driven and retro pop-infused piece of experiential art sure to get your heart racing and hips swaying.

Patches Paradise is the solo project of Charlie White. Long-entrenched in the Sydney music environment, Charlie continued to develop his sound and vision while recently exploring the US, with Fever mixed and mastered in Chicago.

It’s through this immersion in the local arts and music scenes that Patches Paradise grew into what it is today.

“The live music scene was incredible overall across each of the cities I visited there and I found that super inspiring,” says White on the impact of his US experience.

With the first offering of Fever, we are welcomed into the colourful world of Patches Paradise. A hard-hitter from start to finish, the sassy track lays some thrilling groundwork for future endeavours by the artist.

In explaining the creation of the track, Patches Paradise says, “I started writing Fever one night in the studio after coming up with the playful bassline and a dance beat.”

“It came to evolve into this story about bored youths that are up to no good and this idea of ‘breaking out’ from norms or pressure, even if just for the fun of it. I was excited to write a dance track that still had the elements of what I love about pop music.”

The futuristic and feel-good elements of the track evoke feelings of nostalgia, adventure and above all – a call to boogie. With this groovy addition to the airwaves comes the exciting news that Patches Paradise will soon be expanding onto the live circuit.

Tour dates will be announced in the coming months, so be sure to keep track of the artist here.