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Franjapan’s dreamy new EP Caveman is psychedelic paradise

Listening to Franjapan’s new EP Caveman feels a lot like dreaming – It’s this strange haze of sound and colour that, when finished, leaves you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Whenever the band’s fuzzed-out guitars and catchy vocal hooks make their way into my ear-holes, I feel like finding a nice spot in the afternoon sun and chilling out.

On their latest EP Caveman, Melbourne’s Franjapan breeze through dreamy psych-rock that’ll make you want to skip work and have a few beers with your mates.

Made up of Spencer Ward, Oliver Collins, Oscar Macalpine, Denis Sehovic, and Rhys Fraser White, the Melbourne-based five-piece have seemingly mastered the art of creating infectious psych-pop hooks that are equal parts laid-back and energetic.

Caveman is brimming with shimmering guitars and dreamy vocals, often reminiscent of Innerspeaker era Tame Impala.

Throughout its five-track run time, the new EP skates through elements of rock, pop, and old-school psych to deliver a unique fusion that belongs entirely to Franjapan.

With its distorted guitar lines and danceable drum beats, the EP’s stand-out track for me is the sprawling, six-minute belter Chanson Chien.

Beginning as delicate and dizzy, the track simmers and builds into a soaring psych explosion that I guarantee will live a permanent impression on your brain.

Do yourself a favour and listen to the new EP above.

See Franjapan play their new material live at the following dates:

April 27 – Yah Yah’s, Fitzroy, Victoria
May 11 – Orange Whip, Ringwood, Victoria