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Paul LeRocq is firing up the tubes in his latest slice of Rock n’ Roll

Polygot, multi instrumentalist, singer and composer Paul LeRocq is throwing it back to the golden age in a unique blend of classic rock and Spanish influences.

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina the rocker has been making waves since his debut release in 2011.

Dave LeRocqPaul LeRocq is rising up in a wicked slice of classic rock. The title track from his debut album, Rock To The Top is a punchy serving of pure rock n’ roll.

Self taught left-handed guitarist, and pianist Paul LeRocq has been a long time coming in the world of music. After playing in a high school band, Paul LeRocq (Pablo Sciepura) he began singing and composing in English, Spanish, German and Italian, hoping to branch out and reach a wider audience. At the age of 24 Paul LeRocq had written over 100 songs and was well on the way to success.

After recording and producing his debut album Rock To The Top in 2011with Mr. Osi Tejerina, CEO of Poley Records. The result was a heavy hitting, unabashed concoction of straight up rock n’ roll.

If the overdriven chords and screaming guitar licks at the opening of the song are anything to go by, you know you’re in for one hell of a ride. Throwing nods to the likes of Guns N’ Roses, Rage Against The Machine and Led Zeppelin, Paul LeRocq is here to have a good time and play some kick ass music in the process.

Chekc out Rock To The Top below:

Since his debut release in 2011, the album has been receiving attention and praise from publications and record labels around the globe. From Sweeden, to Canada to London, LeRocq has been garnering fans and expanding his sound. He has recently been nominated as the ‘best newcomer and best rock song’ for the Choice Awards Nomination in South Africa.

Rock n’ roll will never die with Paul LeRocq!



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August 5, 2019