Paul Mason’s debut single ‘Constant Rate’ to take center stage at the Factory Theatre

Get ready to embark on a captivating musical journey as Australian guitar virtuoso Paul Mason unveils his debut single, “Constant Rate” at the Factory Theatre.

Paul Mason has established himself as a prominent figure in the Australian music scene, and now he stands on the cusp of his much-anticipated release.

On May 26th, the Factory Theatre in Sydney will bear witness to his extraordinary talent as he unveils his sonic masterpiece and sets the stage ablaze with his infectious compositions.

paul mason

Mason’s musical journey has been sprinkled with brilliant collaborations and triumphant moments. From his influential role in Battlesnake to his instrumental contributions to the renowned Jessica Mauboy’s band, he has consistently showcased his virtuosity, tapping into the raw emotions that lie within us. 

It was his show-stopping performance alongside the iconic Sting at the “Evening in Honour of Jeff Beck” that solidified his status as a maestro in his own right. 

Mason’s mesmerizing skills as a guitarist have single-handedly transformed me, an indie pop enthusiast, into an ardent progressive rock and metal aficionado  (Thank you Battlesnake.)  The sheer magnitude of Mason’s undeniable talent is awe-inspiring, effortlessly drawing listeners into his magical realm. It comes as no surprise that he has amassed a dedicated following, following in the footsteps of legends such as John Frusciante, and Steve Vai.

With every strum of his guitar, Mason transcends the confines of conventional music, crafting a language that directly communicates with the listener, captivating and mesmerizing them every step of the way. 

His music creates an immersive experience, where the soulful instrument takes center stage, transporting us to a realm of pure enchantment and embarking on a transcendent journey through the power of sound.

“Constant Rate” serves as a testament to Mason’s extraordinary guitar skills and his ability to captivate listeners worldwide. Bursting with infectious energy and emotive lyricism conveyed solely through his guitar, this track is poised to make a lasting impression on our hearts and playlists.

To celebrate the upcoming release of “Constant Rate,” Mason will command the spotlight at the prestigious Factory Theatre, delivering an intimate performance that promises to leave an indelible mark on our senses. It’s an opportunity to witness the magic firsthand as the Mason creates an mesmersisng atmosphere, showcasing his limitless creativity and undeniable talent. Prepare for a night of musical wonder and exploration.

paul mason

In preparation for the night, you have an  exclusive chance to pre-save this auditory gem, to indulge in its sonic brilliance before everyone else.

Keep a discerning eye on this remarkable guitarist as he continues to push the boundaries of what can be achieved through the power of music.

paul mason

Factory Theatre tickets here.

Fans can pre-save the single here.


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