Dig your bottom dollar: Paul McCartney just announced reissues of two Wings albums

Paul McCartney has announced mega reissues of the first two Wings albums, which will include a variety of previously unreleased footage and audio material.

It includes a four-disc reissue of Wild Life, the first album from Wings originally released in 1971. Co-written by McCartney and his late wife Linda, Wild Life was recorded in just over a week, with most of its tracks laid down in one take. 

Image: beatlesarama.com

Paul McCartney has announced mega reissues of two Wings albums. The Wild Life and Red Rose Speedway limited editions will include remasters by Abbey Road Studios, B-sides, home demos and much more.

The deluxe version will feature a full remaster of the album at Abbey Road Studios, which will include a variety of previously unreleased material; 25 bonus audio tracks, initial mixes of the album and original edits of the songs, plus B-sides and home demos.

There will also be a book detailing the story of the band written by David Fricke, senior editor of Rolling Stone, as well as a 48-page scrapbook containing tour diaries, lyrics, unpublished Polaroids and memorabilia, as well as notes and set lists.

There will be a numbered, limited edition remaster of Red Rose Speedway across six discs. Red Rose Speedway was the second Wings album and the first to reach #1 in the United States.

The limited deluxe edition will contain three discs of audio, which includes remasters, alternative mixes and rare tracks. There will also be two DVDs and a Blu-ray containing unseen footage of interviews, music videos, performances and much more.

The release also comes in time for The Beatles’ 50th anniversary of the White Album – a tough selection for fans of both.

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