Paul McCartney’s 1965 Mini Cooper S DeVille is set to sell for over $100,000

Cars previously owned by Paul McCartney and John Lennon are about to go up for auction in the US next month.

The Worldwide Auctioneers Auburn auction will be putting up McCartney’s 1965 Mini Cooper S DeVille and John Lennon’s last car, a 1979 Mercedes E 300 estate on September 1.

paul mccartney mini cooper

Paul McCartney’s Mini Cooper S DeVille was one of four ordered for each Beatles member by their manager, Brian Epstein, in 1965.

Last year, another one of McCartney’s cars, a mint condition Aston Martin was auctioned in London for just over 1.3 million pounds. The huge sale is the equivalent of a whopping 2.3 million Australian dollars.

Ringo Star’s 1966 matching Mini Cooper was auctioned for 102,300 pounds, while George Harrison’s wife is still in the possession of his S Radford Cooper.

A pop star provenance has long been an appealing prospect for car collectors, and the Aston wasn’t the only famous machine to cross the block at the Bonhams Bond St Sale on December 2nd.”

Showcased by Peter Sellers in 1964’s A Shot in the Dark, as well as Steve McQueen and James Garner, the Mini Cooper DeVille was a must-have for Beatles’ manager Brian Epstein. Three models were produced by Radford and one by British coachbuilder Hooper.

This isn’t the first time Beatles memorabilia has sold for huge sums of cash. Harrison’s cavern Club guitar is going up for auction in September and is estimated to sell for up to $500,000. The Maton Mastersound MS-500 was first performed with after his Gretsch Country Gentlemen was sent to get repaired.

The store lent the guitar to Harrison while the Mastersound was under repair, he liked it so much that he decided to keep it and continued to play many more shows with it. The guitar was played at The Beatles last ever Cavern show in late 1963.

Via NME.