Love some Paul McCartney? Then settle down and hear him narrate a short film on climate change

We are all pretty keen for Sir Paul McCartney to hit stages here in Australia later this year, and now we are almost as excited to hear his voice narrating a short film supporting climate change research and awareness.

The clip features his family including fashion designer Stella McCartney. There are also appearances from actors Woody Harrelson and Emma Stone.

Paul McCartney

As a part of his campaign Meat Free Monday, Paul McCartney has lent his voice to making his audiences aware of the impact eating meat can have on our ecosystems.

The clip is beautifully shot and the silky smooth vocals of McCartney sure know how to tug the heart strings. Without a hint of blame, McCartney calls for us all to think on a deeper level about the role we have to play in protecting our animals and the future of our planet for future generations.

He calls out large corporations and fossil fuel industries, but sheds light upon the huge impact agriculture can have on environmental degradation and climate change. There are some pretty full on statistics to support the Meat Free Monday cause, and if Paul’s behind it then we think it’s probably something to consider.

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