Fashion renegade Vivienne Westwood is doing the earth a solid with a planet-friendly revolution at Fabric nightclub

Legendary punk and fashion designer Vivienne Westwood is leading an environmental revolution at one of London’s most iconic and controversial nightclubs, Fabric.

The event, titled SWITCH, is the second party for the planet, following IoU in September 2016.

Photo by Vivienne Westwood Facebook
Photo by Vivienne Westwood Facebook

Reminding us that punk is not dead, but the Earth will be soon, legendary fashion designer Vivienne Westwood is partying it up at Fabric to help fight climate change.

Dame Vivienne Westwood, who was awarded a DBE for “for services to fashion” in 2008 has been a pivotal influence in the discourse of punk and new wave fashion. She pioneered the punk fashion era of the 1970’s, the Sex Pistols wore her clothes while she maintained a relationship and had a son, with their manager, Malcolm McLaren.

Nowadays, when she’s not designing, she’s fighting climate change by encouraging environmental activism among young people.

“There is one truly political act you can make as an individual or a group – Switch to GREEN ENERGY. Stop the demand for burning fossil fuels and further fracking and make choices that stop climate change,” the event statement says.

However controversial her life has been, strident activism runs in the family. In November 2016 her son Joe Corré set fire to millions of dollars worth of punk memorabilia, including original Sex Pistols gear obtained by his father McLaren, to defy the mainstream dignity of punk.

To accommodate the iconic figure, the event will be held at Fabric nightclub which has experienced it’s own altercations recently. In November, the club was forced to shut it’s doors following two drug-related fatalities. After support from the public and a weighty legal battle, it reopened with strict changes to it’s license.

At Fabric, on February 20 during London’s Fashion Week, Westwood will speak with James Jagger from Project Zero and Dale Vince from Ecotricity. The dress code is themed Mad Max with music by DJ A Guy Called Gerald.