Hear Pink Floyd go deep on Dark Side of the Moon and 5.1 surround sound in this fascinating documentary

“The original Dark Side of the Moon that everybody knows and loves is actually third generation tape, most of it. Most of the drums, bass and rhythm guitars were all bounced to a two-track mix, and this mix we’ve gone back to the very original tapes, synchronised them all together, and everything is original takes and better sound quality” – David Gilmour.

We’ve just come across a sensational 24-minute documentary about the making of Pink Floyd’s opus Dark Side of the Moon, put together to coincide with the LP’s 30th anniversary edition which shipped with 5.1 surround sound, said to be the closest possible emulator to the album’s original quadrophonic recordings.

roger waters abbey road studios console dark side of the moon documentary

Think you know all there is to know about Dark Side of the Moon? Go behind the console with this epic 30th anniversary documentary.

While the studio tidbits shared by Roger Waters and David Gilmour are incredibly interesting (hearing them bounce off one another regarding the synth sequence which opens On The Run was hilarious), it’s actually their discussions on the lyrical content of the album I found most interesting.

Waters coming of age and realising his life wasn’t a rehearsal anymore, the band’s fear of flying, the relationship of Meddle and Echoes to Dark Side of The Moon… it was fantastic to hear about it all from the horse’s mouth.

Watch the documentary here and below.

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