US Senate unanimously vote for daylight savings all year round

US Senate unanimously vote for daylight savings all year round

The United States of America might be permanently moving their clocks forward an hour after the Senate voted to extend daylight savings.

Want any more evidence that the concept of time is completely made up? The US Senate just voted to ditch standard time altogether and stay in daylight savings all year round instead.

The “Sunshine Protection Act” received a rare unanimous decision in favour of the bill when it was voted on in the US Senate on Tuesday.

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The act still has to pass the House of Representatives, but if it does, Americans will be treated to an extra hour of evening sunlight, every day of the year.

In the United States, daylight savings was introduced in 1918 to conserve energy during the war by utilising daylight hours while the population were awake.

When the US extended daylight savings by three weeks in 2007, energy companies found that there was a 0.03 percent decrease in energy consumption in that short time. Logic suggests that percentage could only increase if an additional 23 weeks of daylight savings are added.

On top of the planet-saving benefits, research has determined that a full year of daylight savings could prevent more than 350 deaths caused by motor vehicle accidents each year in the US alone, due to greater visibility.

But the greatest benefit: not having to change every single goddam clock you own, twice a year.