The Vinyl Guide gives away catalog for free, interviews Henry Rollins

The Vinyl Guide podcast celebrates 100 eps with Henry Rollins, gives away entire catalog for free

Today, popular music podcast The Vinyl Guide is celebrating its 100 episode milestone with an interview with Henry Rollins. Plus it has announced it will be making its entire catalog avaliable for free.

Hosted by vinyl collector and music aficionado, Nate Goyer, The Vinyl Guide has featured musicians ranging from members of  Pixies, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Ramones and heaps more. On the show, Goyer and his guest discuss tales behind the records that changed popular music and culture.

Henry Rollins

Popular music podcast The Vinyl Guide podcast celebrates 100 episodes with Henry Rollins, and announces their entire catalog for will be now avaliable for free.

Nate Goyer explains of his decision to make the catalog avaliable to the public; “I have hours and hours of interviews with some of the most beloved musicians in history. I have no interest in keeping that locked away. It’s bigger than me, those interviews belong to the fans and listeners.”

Goyer continues, “I have a heap of interviews, literally days and days of audio chock full of fascinating and rarely heard rock and roll tales. I’ll be making high-resolution audio files available online over the coming weeks and months until I’m caught up.”

The files will be licensed under Creative Commons, meaning they will be free for anyone to use however they wish.

As Goyer notes, even public radio could benefit as any station could use The Vinyl Guide’s archives broadcasting purposes. “I could be the new nightshift for some of these stations that can’t afford a late night DJ,” he says.

What a legend.

Get The Vinyl Guide app for Apple or Android for free. And listen to the 100th episode with Henry Rollins below!