Peace and revenge imbue Avalanche City’s new single Prayed For Love

Kiwi singer-songwriter Avalanche City has returned with a dazzling new single, Prayed For Love, in which he learns to forgive and forget.

The song explores those moments in which we waver between two completely different feelings and try to navigate our way through turbulent waters.

Avalanche City aka Dave Baxter | Image from Sumptuous Symphonies

Prayed For Love may be about navigating through a difficult time,  but its message is uplifting and optimistic as Baxter forgives and forgets someone who wronged him.

Though the song may take a more personal inspiration from the musician’s feud with a former manager over missing funds, Prayed For Love is ultimately uplifting and optimistic in its message to forgive and forget, to move on and to not harbour bad feelings against those who may have done us wrong.

The song opens with a steady guitar riff, drums and chords before Baxter shoots straight into it, diving headfirst into a painful memory and describing how he tried to deal with it in by purging his conscience. You know, by venting his frustrations and typing them into a Word document before deleting it all afterwards.

“I prayed that you’d find peace/ and then I prayed for your disaster…”

Payed for Love builds and gains an unstoppable momentum with each verse, as more synthesisers, percussion and brass instruments layer up to create a colourful wall of sound, before exploding to release a vibrant and uplifting chorus far from the “unravelling nightmare” that Baxter described.

The single is Avalanche City’s first song in three years, and also paves the way forward for the release of his new album, MY BABYLON, which comes out on February 22 next year.


Prayed For Love is available now.