New Zealand rapper LURKY makes one hell of a mark on his debut album PYROMANIAC

PYROMANIAC is the explosive debut album from emerging New Zealand rapper LURKY.

While he may only be 19, LURKY is far from inexperienced on his debut, as he lets us know that he’ll stop at nothing until his foot is planted firmly in the global hip-hop scene.

He may be 19, but LURKY is far from naive or inexperienced on PYROMANIAC. In all, this debut showcases a young artist with a unique rap style and a promising future.

LURKY is the pen name of 19-year-old rapper Hamish Lawson. From the smoothness and clean-cut production of this record, we can already tell he’s a perfectionist, striving to be the best in his craft.

INTRO / ANTHEM REMIX sets the tone for the album, as LURKY introduces himself and invites you to suspend reality as you step into his world. BACK UP opens with angelic sounding synths before diving straight into LURKY’s quick-smart rap style.

HEAVEN HELL features rapper Rich James and vocalist Sammi Haines. Opening with a lullaby of a melody that slowly gets sped up and distorted, Sammi’s vocals step in and set the scene as LURKY and Rich interchange raps.

LURKY isn’t shy to let you know that he’s here to make his mark, as Sammi proclaims, “this is a name you will all know.” He invites you to challenge him as he details his unstoppable journey to the top in ASK THE MAN, before rapping about making his mark on the world no matter how long it takes on ULTRAVIOLENCE.

GOLDEN TRAP opens with a gentle reversed melody before diving headfirst into rapping about something – like an opportunity – that looks good but has bad intentions. It’s a song about knowing that something looks good but is only going to hurt us, despite allowing ourselves to keep getting dragged back into its game.

SAME SOUND follows on the theme of making your mark on the world, but this time LURKY calls out rappers for their lack of originality, while showing off his own rap style.

PYROMANIAC is out now on all streaming platforms.