People are sharing the biggest mistakes they’ve made at work on Twitter… and the results are amazing

Twitter has gone crazy over a viral tweet asking people to share their biggest workplace mistakes. Prepare yourselves because this is some good shit.

We’ve all experienced this at some stage. You wake up probably feeling a little tired, have your morning coffee, go to work and do what needs to be done. But sometimes mistakes are made, and your tired self has to deal with the consequences.

The Twitter thread in response to Steve Doherty’s question reveals some of the funniest, cringe-worthy mistakes people have made at work and it is so so good.

The replies range from being ridiculed in newspapers to mixing up false teeth, and worse, being the reason why eight-million dollars was spent drilling an oil well that could’ve been avoided if a spreadsheet was done correctly.

Ever pretended to go to a gig because you were sent in by work to write a review? This person did and regretted it soon after.

What about typos? We’ve all been known to make typos in the past, most of which gone unnoticed. Except for these unfortunate ones.

This is pretty much what Twitter is for. I feel a little better about myself today, so thanks Twitter! Check out the whole thread here.