Perfect Hair Forever – Sad and Blue

From the genius that is directional outfit THUNDERLIPS comes the quality, gif based video to the equally genius Perfect Hair Forever’s tune, Sad & Blue.

Perfect Hair Forever is the mysterious, bedroom-produced pop coming out of Auckland, New Zealand. There is a serious lack of information on the internet about it, but I’m pretty sure it’s a solo project.

I started listening in January after stumbling upon and consequently falling in love with VOID, the ten-track album of digital dirt. Inspired by teen romance, suburban boredom and notions of American adolescence a la The Babysitter’s Club, the sound is not exactly electronic, although the digital influence is undeniable. The vocals are sharp, distorted and honest, and the guitar work is harsh and popp-y at the same time. The sound appealed to me instantly, as did the all important (and perfectly matched) visual aesthetic that accompanies the music… the ying to it’s yang, if you will. In fact, the visuals are so important, and so well done that they literally add an extra dimension to the sound itself.

This is exactly why Perfect Hair Forever’s brand new clip to Sad & Blue is so good. Put together by New Zealand based directing outfit THUNDERLIPS, the entire thing is made-up of weird-ass gifs. Somehow, no doubt thanks to their effortless style and good taste, it works together so well and compliments the track seamlessly. Had to share it, check it out.

Also worth your time is the label that puts out all of Perfect Hair Forever’s work (as well as a handful of other amazing artists’) Crystal Magic Records. It has it’s roots in New Zealand, but is physically run out of a bedroom in Sydney. Much mystery. Its weird shit, but its heaps good.