Tom Day

With the endless application of logic, the field of science more often than not tends to leave one’s emotional side feeling a little sulky and terribly ignored. And all that data grinding science can get a little stressy… So, if you find yourself slogging through a PhD researching anti-cancer medication, here’s an uncomplicated solution that will help you unwind: make music.

Now, you may not win a Grammy… but if nothing else, music making will at least pump the exiled sentimentality back into you. How can I be so sure? Let me present to you, the case of a certain Mister Day. Who is he? He’s the Melbourne based PhD student who’s making these brilliant bits of down-tempo, organic ‘n ambient electronic music.

Tom Day’s music is packed with these concentrated doses of emotion which will sweep you off your feet. His tracks leave you wondering, how in all of frikkin hell can it be possible for one man to feel so much. Then you check his credentials and it’s not so much of a mystery anymore. It’s a simple equation: science = no emotion, music = plenny of emotion. (Here, I rest my case.)

tom day musicWho amongst us hasn’t caved to the immeasurable pressure of procrastinating? In Tom Day’s case, we’re glad he did, cos it resulted in some beautiful sounds.

The music he makes is brilliant, considering he has no formal musical training. Although he’s not too candid about his musical influences, he does confess that he is drawn towards film soundtracks. To date, Tom has released four EP’s, one of which is an epic collaboration with Monsoonsiren (Nathan Menon), an ambient, five track EP. Besides that, he has an LP and an album. Busy.

Flemington is a magnificently evocative piece. It starts with this soft piano which sounds like butter for your ears. The drums glide in to setup a saucy groove and you can almost taste the ocean salt. And there is this really sweet percussion that sounds like bells. Angel bells? Possibly, since the music is divine. Pay attention or you’ll miss it. KISS… Remember that phrase? This track should be used as the exemplary example for those who fail to understand the art of kissing.

His goal is to create music for videos or short films and he wants to work on designing live audio/visual shows that revolve around his music. You can visit his website for more information on his sounds.



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