Peter Gabriel ignites the future of music videos with revolutionary AI challenge

Peter Gabriel, the iconic prog-rock pioneer, is pushing the boundaries of music and visuals with a bold challenge that has the art world buzzing: an AI music video extravaganza in collaboration with Stability AI.

Prog-rock legend Peter Gabriel has teamed up with Stability AI, the leading open-source AI company, to launch an innovative music video challenge. The Stability AI #DiffuseTogether Challenge is set to be the first in a series of AI animation challenges featuring musicians from different genres, and it’s already generating buzz among the artistic community.

Starting today via Discord, the contest invites participants to submit one animated video that is entirely generated by AI, inspired by and set to the music of Peter Gabriel. Videos will incorporate Stability AI’s cutting-edge technology through Stable Diffusion, its industry-leading open-source suite of imaging models, along with applications like DreamStudio for photorealistic imaging, Stability for Blender for 3D graphics, and AnimAI for animation.

peter gabriel AI

Participants can choose from six hand-selected songs by Peter Gabriel for their video submission, including beloved classics like “Sledgehammer” and tracks from his upcoming album i/o. The top three winners will not only receive cash prizes, but also tickets to Peter Gabriel’s highly anticipated i/o tour. Entries will be judged by a star-studded panel of musicians, including Gabriel himself, with winners set to be announced on May 5, live on Stability AI’s Twitch channel.

Speaking about the challenge, Peter Gabriel expressed his excitement about the possibilities of AI in the creative realm. “These powerful, transformative AI tools are, for the first time, within reach of all of us. We have the chance to weave new realities together from the threads of our own imagination and creativity,” said Gabriel. “I’ve built my world out of sound, and I’m now asking the visual artist community to create its own uncharted audio-visual dreamscapes with a carpet of my music.”

The music industry has seen a growing interest in the potential of AI, with artists like Peter Gabriel and Dave Guetta leading the charge in exploring the creative possibilities of this emerging technology. As the boundaries of art and technology continue to blur, the intersection of AI and music is opening up new avenues for artistic expression and innovation. With Peter Gabriel’s AI music video challenge, the world of music and visual arts are set to collide in an unprecedented way, creating a unique and thrilling experience for artists and fans alike. Get ready to witness the power of AI in shaping the future of music videos, as Peter Gabriel invites artists to unleash their creativity and dive into uncharted artistic territories.