David Guetta unleashes “Emin-AI-em” to a divided EDM world

Hold the mic, because we’ve got some news that’s gonna make you go “Lose Yourself” with excitement…or rage.

David Guetta, the French DJ who brought us bangers like “When Love Takes Over” and “Titanium”, has given us the gift (or curse?) of “Emin-AI-em.” That’s right, folks. Guetta used some next-level AI technology to replicate Slim Shady’s voice for a song he debuted during one of his sets, and it’s causing a rift in the EDM world.

The man himself, who’s 55 and has won two Grammys, shared a video of his performance on Twitter with the caption “Let me introduce you to…Emin-AI-em.” The crowd goes wild as Guetta hypes them up with an AI-generated voice chanting “This is the future rave sound / I’m getting awesome and underground.”

david guetta

He even did an interview discussing the spontaneous creative process of how he wrote the lyrics in Eminem’s style and used an AI website to recreate the voice.

But before you run to Spotify to search for the banger, Guetta made it clear that he won’t be releasing it commercially. This has sparked a debate among fans, with some calling for its release and others thinking the use of AI technology is “scary.”

Responses have been mixed, with some folks saying “Check with Em, cause that is freaking cool!” while others demand the release of the track. But, one sassy fan had the last word, saying “Eminem might come back with an AI diss track.” We’ll have to wait and see how this one plays out, folks. But in the meantime, we’ll be over here losing our minds.

Watch the live performance live below.