Netty Rose are dropping their bluesy alt rock EP, ‘Beautiful Things’ tomorrow!

Netty Rose is full of soul, blues and a gritty attitude that extends through their latest EP, Beautiful Things.

With talent running deep into the souls of this indie Alt/blues band, Netty Rose embraces twins, vocalist Annette (Netty) and bassist Rudy Coviello who collaborate in the writing process of their musical adventures. The pair invited the world to listen to their new single/video Come Back which dropped on November 4, 2022, as a bit of a taste tester to their upcoming EP Beautiful Things, due to drop tomorrow! 

The group proclaim Come Back as the most fun they had during the process of creating the Beautiful Things EP. It’s wrapped up as a pop/rock tune and ventures through the universal trials and tribulations of love, relationships and connections. It dives into the feelings that a lot of people resonate with in regard to yearning for lost love, striving to keep love alive and navigating the rollercoaster ride of emotions within the realms of love. The message of the song sparks the knowledge that love will always head back to where it’s supposed to be.

Credit: Stephanie Saporito

Starting with punchy grit that’s rolled and wrapped into a groovy funk bassline and distorted electric melody, the EP begins with Come Back which is steered by soul-testifying vocals that are cruel and ruthless yet also sweetened by a delicate tone. The attitude of the vocal expressions is bewitching and an eruption of melodic emotion that’s coaxed in untamed energy. Dynamics of tension and release are a theme through their sound and the oozing of the trailblazing electric guitar and heavy-hitting drums shows this off perfectly. 

The second track on the EP, Fair Weather Friends is guided by a deep ’70s psychedelic heavy metal guitar sound and intertwines itself through bluesy, soulful vocals that spill seductive, mysterious and assertive tones. Alongside the air-tight vocals, twists and turns of the bass and earth-shattering electric guitar ascend melodically as accent and timing is empowered by the strikes of percussion.

With Jack White energy, aesthetic and aura, Netty Rose bewitches their way through their thrilling music video for their track, Riled Child. With a tasty distorted bluesy electric melody and twangy country vocals, this song easily slides into your brain. The video production is eerie and dark with a deep rich colour palate and autumn sensibilities. It feels like the set of a horror film or show like The Conjuring or The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. With a musty, metallic electric guitar solo and powerful vocals, the groove to this track is slick and smooth.

Free is a hard-hitting track with affectionate jabs of drums and bleeding electric guitar strums as the backdrop to the piercingly powerful vocal expression. Teleporting into’70s heavy-metal psychedelia this track takes those elements and adds a punky, bluesy twist. With don’t fuck with me energy, the vocals are piercingly powerful and introspectively mythical. The sustained and metallic guitar solo rambles up and down a path of letting go and embracing freedom, until both the vocals and guitar lose themselves in it all.

netty rose ne
Credit: Stephanie Saporito

The last track, Drown begins as a soft gorgeous rustic acoustic outcry of self-love that flutters with beautiful smooth finger-picking and soulful vocal expression. With a fade and quick pause, syncopated slow beats of the drum bring the song back to create a reflective, chanting vibe before it goes into a bluesy groovy jive that crisscrosses with the harmonic chanting attitude.

It’s an incredible collection of songs that really dive into the alternative bluesy sound Netty Rose is all about.

Check out the full EP (dropping tomorrow) and let your ears be blown away.